Time Echoes Your Sound


Choreographed by Louisa Poletti, performed by Geist String Quartet

“Synchronous Time,
Scattered Like A Broken Crusader.
Echoing Silence into Sound,
That Which Was Always There…
Time Echoes Your Sound”

Intended be both its own concert work, and a series of interludes for my song cycle, The Art of Disappearing based on poetry by Sarah Holland-Batt, the four movements of this string quartet, share a large amount of musical motives and concepts. But where The Art of Disappearing is focused on grief and stasis, Time Echoes Your Sound is a related exploration of time.

I. Synchronous Time – two pieces play simultaneously with each player jumping independently between timestreams
II. Scattered Like A Broken Crusader – Repeated notes and rhythms breaking down into different patterns before restarting
III. Echoing Silence into Sound – from soft distorted echoes, a chorale emerges becoming clearer and louder on each repetition
IV. That Which Was Always There – a shared melody played backwards and forwards each time removing other sounds which obscure it.

From choreographer, Louisa Poletti:

A Crusader sees a vision in his time of need, but what will he do to free himself from his prison?
Within the crumbling walls, at a moment of synchronicity, he makes a choice causing the Echo to appear and judge him as he lives with the consequences of his actions. Will he be saved? Or simply find a new eternal prison?

Time Echoes Your Sound is a joint effort between Alt. Drift Productions and Kammerklang, celebrating a 10 year association and friendship.
Our sincere gratitude and thanks go out to all the wonderful people who made this project happen.
Music available for purchase at: cameronlam.bandcamp.com


Time Echoes Your Sound: An Alt. Drift Production in Association with Kammerklang

“The Echo”
Louisa Poletti – Director/Choreographer/Editor

“The Crusader”
Tommaso Quartani – Choreographer/Artist

Peter Matkaicsek – Cinematographer/Assistant Editor

Cameron Lam – Composer

Geist String Quartet
Violin 1 – Sonia Wilson
Violin 2 – Mia Stanton
Viola – Hayasa Tanaka
Cello – James Larsen

Jayson McBride – Audio Producer

Special Thanks to:

Christian Maier

Fine Music 102.5FM’s Stefan Kruger Scholarship