12311504_10154850020712524_1288037733_oMy name is Cameron Lam, I’m a Sydney-based composer, amateur trapeze artist, artistic dabbler, games enthusiast and the Artistic Director for hybrid-art production company, Kammerklang.

I love working and collaborating with artists (especially outside my own art forms) to create, present or promote new work. Commissions and collaborations are always welcome so feel free to contact me.

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Newly Released:


Cybermemories: The EWI Music of Cameron Lam, performed by Peter Smith

EWI-ist Peter Smith and composer Cameron Lam delve deep into the sonic possibilities of the Akai EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) in this new full-length digital album.

Celebrating a collaboration that spans eight years of shared passion, for both music and videogames, Cybermemories merges the fun energy of early videogame music with the powerful expression of contemporary classical music.

In addition to solo and multi-tracked works (a specialty of Peter’s YouTube channel Soundole VGM Covers), the album features pieces with string quartet, percussion and piano – including the piano reduction of Cameron’s EWI concerto, Electric Phoenix.

Available from Bandcamp

Fragments of Solitude: performed by Amelia Golding and Alison Cameron

After three years of solid work, I’m so proud to present by first song cycle, Fragments of Solitude. The cycle is based on the exquisite translation of Luis de Góngora’s The Solitudes by Edith Grossman, published in 2012. Rather than a strict setting of Góngora’s narrative I instead wanted to follow the fragments of the pilgrim’s journey as a metaphor of self-exploration and the power and terror of solitude, the time when we get know ourselves.

Each song deals with a different section of the pilgrim’s journey and another aspect of the self.

Performed by Amelia Golding (soprano) and Alison Cameron (piano), recorded, mixed and mastered by James Passfield.

Click the album art to have a listen.

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